On My Way Pre-K

On My Way Pre-K is Indiana’s first state-funded pre-kindergarten program. On My Way Pre-K provides grants to eligible children for qualified early education services delivered via high-quality providers that are enrolled as approved On My Way Pre-K providers.

How does an applicant know if a child qualifies for an On My Way Pre-K grant?

To qualify for the On My Way Pre-K grant, an applicant’s child must be 4 years old, but not yet 5 years old by August 1 of the grant year and must be entering kindergarten during the following school year. The child must be a resident of one of the chosen pilot counties (Allen, Bartholomew, DeKalb, Delaware, Elkhart, Floyd, Grant, Harrison, Howard, Jackson, Kosciusko, Lake, Madison, Marion, Marshall, Monroe, St. Joseph, Tippecanoe, Vanderburgh and Vigo) and meet eligibility requirements.

Please follow the link below to complete an online application (available in both English and Spanish).

What are the income limits?

To be eligible for the On My Way Pre-K grant, a family’s gross monthly income must fall below 127% of the federal poverty level. Gross monthly income is total income before taxes or deductions.

OMWPK Federal Poverty Chart - Monthly income before taxes
Current eligibility Additional new eligibility
Family size 0%-127%
1 $0 to $1,350.00
2 $0 to $1,825.00
3 $0 to $2,299.00
4 $0 to $2,773.00
5 $0 to $3,247.00
6 $0 to $3,721.00
7 $0 to $4,195.00
8 $0 to $4,669.00
9 $0 to $5,144.00
10 $0 to $5,618.00
2020 federal poverty levels at 127%
Family size 128%-185%
1 $1,351.00 to $1,967.00
2 $1,826.00 to $2,658.00
3 $2,300.00 to $3,349.00
4 $2,774.00 to $4,039.00
5 $3,248.00 to $4,730.00
6 $3,722.00 to $5,420.00
7 $4,196.00 to $6,111.00
8 $4,670.00 to $6,802.00
9 $5,145.00 to $7,493.00
10 $5,619.00 to $8,119.00
2020 federal poverty levels at 128% to 185%

The information in this guide is correct as of March 1, 2020. For the most up-to-date information, refer to www.fssa.in.gov.

For additional family sizes, please click here to contact us through this website.

What is an On My Way Pre-K provider?

Families receiving a grant may choose from any approved On My Way Pre-K program enrolled with the Office of Early Childhood and Out-of-School Learning. On My Way Pre-K programs have demonstrated a commitment to high-quality early education and can be found in public and private schools, Head Start centers, licensed centers, licensed child care homes and faithbased registered ministries. All programs must also meet Child Care and Development Fund Eligibility requirements.

How does someone qualify?

All families must meet financial need, residency and age requirements, and be working or attending an education or job training program to complete a family application. Once a grant is awarded, families must then verify eligibility by completing an appointment with a local intake agent and by choosing an eligible provider.

How does an applicant apply for an On My Way Pre-K grant for their child?

Who counts in my household (family) income?

A household is considered one or more custodial adults and the child receiving the grant residing in the same household. Income requirements are waived for foster children of licensed foster parents.

How does someone find an eligible provider?

For help finding an approved On My Way Pre-K-eligible provider, applicants can contact Early Learning Indiana toll free at 800-299-1627. Eligible providers are also listed online at www.onmywayprek.org.

Does an applicant have to be working or have a service need to be eligible?

Yes, applicants need to working or attending an educational or job training program to be eligible for an On My Way Pre-K grant.

What happens at the telephone interview appointment?